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Welcome to Plan Fitness Bharat

Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow.

About Me

Where health, beauty, and fitness meet.

At Plan Fitness Bharat, I’m Jayesh Pandya, the founder. With a passion for fitness, I’ve created a welcoming space where individuals can achieve their wellness goals. Join me at Plan Fitness Bharat, and let’s strive for a healthier tomorrow together.

Personal Training


Diet Cosultation

Our Services

Every day is a chance to become better.

At Plan Fitness Bharat, we provide personalized training, group classes, and expert nutrition guidance to optimize your fitness journey. Our state-of-the-art equipment and virtual training options cater to your needs, ensuring a holistic approach to wellness.

About Us

Sweat in the Plan Fitness Gym is the guarantee stamp for your health and body.

At Plan Fitness Bharat, we’re not just a gym; we’re your fitness partner. Founded by Jayesh Pandya, our mission is to empower individuals across India to lead healthier lives. With personalized training, group classes, and wellness initiatives, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Success Story From Our Member

Testimonials from our clients.

From transformative results to the supportive community atmosphere, our testimonials speak volumes about the impact our gym has had on people’s lives. Join us and become a part of our success stories

The staff here is incredibly friendly and extremely qualified! You will not leave disappointed! Such a family vibe as soon as you walk in the doors – I highly recommend checking this gym out.
Zainal Prajapati
Plan Fitness Gym has been an excellent experience for me. The facilities are top-notch, featuring modern equipment and a clean, spacious workout area. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to assist and offer guidance. Moreover, its convenient location makes it easy to fit into my daily routine. I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals in a welcoming and well-equipped environment.
Bhumi Joshi
Plane Fitness Gym provides an outstanding experience with state-of-the-art facilities, friendly staff, and a convenient location. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a welcoming and well-equipped environment to achieve their fitness goals.
Bhavnish Nanda
The gym is very clean. The machines are of the highest quality. Even the coach/trainer are very experienced and humble. I have not seen such a maintained gym in chandkheda/Tragad/Zundal area. It's worth what you expect..
Mohan Singh Bhati

Why Choose Plan Fitness Bharat

Lift like a man, look like a goddess.

Private Bathrooms

Indulge in the luxury of our private bathrooms, offering a tranquil space for your pre and post-workout needs, ensuring your comfort and privacy throughout your fitness journey.

Personal Trainer

Maximize your potential with our certified personal trainers, dedicated to crafting personalized workout plans tailored to your goals, ensuring optimal results and guidance every step of the way.

New Equipments

Experience the pinnacle of fitness innovation with our cutting-edge equipment, meticulously selected to provide you with the latest in technology and functionality, elevating your workout experience to new heights.

Flexible Schedule

Empower your fitness journey with our flexible scheduling options, allowing you to seamlessly integrate workouts into your busy lifestyle, ensuring you never miss a chance to prioritize your health and well-being.

Our Trainer

Best trainer at Plan Fitness

Our team of certified trainers is committed to guiding you on your fitness journey with personalized attention and support. From crafting tailored workout plans to providing expert advice, our trainers are here to help you unlock your full potential and achieve your fitness goals.

Urvish Patel


Ayushmaan Singh


Pricing Package

Special price for our member.

1 Month Package

Begin your fitness journey with our 1-month package, offering access to premium facilities and expert guidance.

* 3,000 1/ Month
  • Private Shower
  • Full Equipment
  • Locker Room

3 Month Package

Commit to wellness with our 3-month package, providing extended access to top-tier equipment and personalized training support.

* 6,500 3/ Month
  • Private Shower
  • Full Equipment
  • Unlimited Time
  • Locker Room

6 Month Package

Take your fitness to new heights with our 6-month package, offering ample time for significant progress under expert guidance.

* 10,000 6/ Month
  • Private Shower
  • Full Equipment
  • Unlimited Time
  • Locker Room
  • Expert guidance

12 Month Package

Invest in your health with our 1-year package, ensuring continuous access to premium amenities for lasting well-being.

* 15,000 12/ Month
  • Private Shower
  • Full Equipment
  • Unlimited Time
  • Locker Room
  • Personal Trainer
  • Expert guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

What clients often ask us.

“Got questions? We’ve got answers! Here are some commonly asked questions about Plan Fitness Bharat:

To become a member at Plan Fitness Bharat, simply visit our gym and speak to one of our staff members at the front desk. They will guide you through the membership options and assist you in signing up.

We do not offer daily rates at Plan Fitness Bharat. Instead, we provide flexible membership options ranging from monthly to yearly packages, designed to suit your fitness needs and budget.

Yes, we offer a variety of supplements for sale at Plan Fitness Bharat, including protein powders, pre-workouts, and vitamins. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the right supplements to complement your fitness routine.